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220 Dorchester Ave

South Boston, MA 02127









We are located just minutes off Route 93 in South Boston on the corner of Dorchester Ave & A St. Great spot to stop on your way to or from the airport!!

Just 2 blocks from MBTA Red Line- Broadway Stop. 


The Donut Shop is open 24 hours 7 days a week.


Our donut baker hand cuts our donuts in store daily and are readily available at 10p. We often do sell out of our donuts, so please get in touch for any large order & special requests. Stop in-store to see what kind of donuts are seasonally available.

If you are just making a quick stop through the drive-thru, we do ask that you are considerate in your order for the Doughboy customers behind you. Sandwich's we do ask you to come in store or give us a call on the way and we will do our best to have it ready on arrival. 

Lottery services available and we comply with their hours to offer & operations.

ATM also in lobby.

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